Yoga for Teenagers course with Destiny Wolf

Starting February 2022

Wednesdays 5:00 – 6:00 PM

The teenage years are possibly the most challenging for young girls – surging hormones, sexuality, school stresses, peer pressure – just a few of the daily challenges they face. Not to mention the effects on their posture as they spend many hours hunched over their computers, phones, desks and lounging in front of the TV.

This 9 week course will explore how practicing yoga helps strengthen and tone muscles and bones to support a strong posture, while simultaneously working with breath and mindfulness to relieve stress and anxiety. Each class will be a safe place to explore and express thoughts and emotions through mindful yoga practices and meditation.


Starting this February for 9 weeks, every Wednesdays 5-6pm.


Cost for all 9 classes – $225

Booking via MINDBODY APP | 0412902998