Maxiji is a knowledgeable, caring and excellent teacher

Maxiji’s Himalayan Vinyasa classes are a rich and varied exploration, with pranayama and asana seamlessly interwoven. Each class offers a different sequence, with common threads enabling students to continuously deepen our practice and grow.  

Maxiji shares his yogic teachings with warmth and generosity, accompanied by inspiring music. Every session is a journey to an unknown destination, and I float out of class knowing that I’ve been somewhere profound. The intimacy and warmth of My Asana makes this the perfect studio for Maxiji’s classes.  

I’ve occasionally been asked by others if this is a strong class – my answer is that it’s whatever each student brings to it…. Strong yet soft, Determined yet always forgiving. If these words appear in any way contradictory, maybe that’s part of the appeal for me of Maxiji’s teaching.

After class I feel focused, both inwardly and outwardly, and grounded. Ultimately, Maxiji’s classes never fail to provide me with the learnings and experience I need at the time.