Pilates Classes



Traditional Pilates creates body awareness and fine tuning of motor skills. Pilates focuses on slow controlled exercises that activate the core and improve spinal alignment.The Pilates classes work hand in hand with our yoga classes to bring focus on strength, flexibility and balance in our daily routine. Dynamic Pilates uses functional movement patterns combining traditional elements of Pilates with a cardio flare. Dynamic Pilates classes are designed to flow quicker than traditional Pilates, using controlled but continuous movement patterns. This keeps the heart rate high and increases cardiovascular fitness.


Our Pilates Classes

Our Pilates classes use both traditional and dynamic method with mats and props to create a full body workout that challenges you through all planes of movement. Our trained instructors don’t just teach textbook moves but bring their own personality, specialised skills and experience to their classes.  Classes are offered in convenient 55-minute blocks, before or after yoga class (so you can combine those practise and get full nourishment for your wellbeing) and are designed to energise the body whilst creating lean muscle mass. Our full body workouts not only shape and tone a long, strong physique but improve flexibility, strength and coordination. We keep our class numbers small, so you’re not just a number but part of our community. Everyone gets personalised one-on-one treatment in a fun, social environment. Get ready to sweat, shake and laugh your way to the core!


Our Studio

At “My asana school” our vision is to create a space where our clients feel welcome, inspired and motivated to discover and learn. We offer a nourishing approach to both yoga and pilates, with our classes designed to lead practitioners with integrity through a deeper practice and focus on giving individual attention to each of our students. We aim to create a community that embodies movement and empowers others to reach their full potential.  Consistent with the Boutique feel, our studio is designed to be a sanctuary where you can take time out from your busy day and get on mindfully with your day to day activities.


“My Asana, A restful place in a world of restlessness”

I was just a beginner and was guided through the Yoga & Pilates so well

The teachers were amazing with incredible knowledge that ensured I was doing the moves correctly. The atmosphere is friendly and intimate. Love being in the studio. Feels like a warm family environment.