Our Instructors



Our instructors share their deep understanding and knowledge of these areas with a focus on personalising each student’s experience, leading students further along the path to the integration of body,mind and Acleads to understanding.

Thank you to My Asana for running a boutique yoga studio in our community.

They have brought in highly experienced teachers with accommodating timetables that has supported me with my on-going yoga practice. Yoga had changed my way of living and allowed me to grow alongside fellow yogis.


Eve White


At the age of 17 Eve completed her first Vipassana Meditation course in the blue mountains, this is where she discovered spirituality, peace and stillness. Eve completed her 275 hour Teacher Training Course June 2013 and is a qualified

international teacher for beginners to advanced, de-stress, back care and pregnancy.


She is also a qualified personal trainer.
Her love for yoga began 15 years ago at Dharma Shala where she first practised to bring balance to body, mind and soul. As an international dancer, yoga was the best tool for her to bring the body to strength and balance.


Eve is energetic and loves to help facilitate a sacred healing space. Watching her students leave with a yoga glow gives her a great sense of contentment.

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Ellie Gutman


Ellie has practiced Yoga for over 18 years since stumbling upon a class for teens. From her first experience of yoga, Ellie felt a deeper connection with her inner self. Ellie has found yoga to be much more than a physical practice; it has offered her an ever deepening path of transformation.

Ellie began practicing Mysore Style Ashtanga with Eileen Hall in 2008 and the personal practice she has developed since has had a profound impact on her life. So much so, Ellie has recently stepped away from her career as an Architect to dedicate herself fully to sharing the practice with others. Alongside her classes, Ellie assists at Ashtanga Yogamoves, where she is grateful for Eileen’s ongoing guidance and mentorship.

Ellie believes yoga is for everyone and feels privileged to bring her students into this powerful practice.

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Angel Whitaker


Angel was introduced to Ashtanga in 1999 and moved into a dedicated daily practice as the seeds of Ashtanga began to take root. That lead her to her teachers to whom she is sincerely grateful – Guruji, His grandson param guru Sharath at KPJAYI, Eileen


Hall of Yogamoves Sydney and Dena Kingsberg from the Centre of Balance in Byron Bay.

While there are many others that have taught her much, these are her mentors and gurus who taught her how to teach, and what being a teacher means. She was authorised by Sharath to teach in 2010.


Angel teaches from a heartfelt place from her learnings on and off the mat, sharing her wisdom to all of her students.

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MariaAguilo Argos


Maria’s practice focuses on self-discovery through yoga, moving beyond nourishing the body but also the mind and soul. She gained her teacher training in London in 2017, with 200 hour certification in Vinyasa flow and 70 hours Yin Yoga. Maria has been practicing several disciplines for 10 years, and has practiced all over the world. She draws particular inspiration from Mexico, where her mentor still teaches on the Mayan coast, and where she did her last teacher training in September 2018.

The teacher training was a 90-hour intensive course in Padma Mudra , and is her mentor’s masterpiece after 35 years of devotion. Maria spent the last 6 years in London, and moved to Sydney in February. Having previously worked in finance, she began following her true passion in London as a yoga teacher and well-being consultant for Lloyds of London, and developed a portfolio of clients in the UK under her brand, Sawabona. She delivered three seasons of successful yoga retreats to her home of Spain. Maria is dedicated to helping those with busy lives discover inner-peace, community and healthy living through the practice of yoga and meditation.

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Anna Nordahl


I grew up in a family where sports and wellbeing was a matter of course. Following my older brother's steps my biggest passion was soccer and wrestling.

I still remember the first time my my mom took me to a pilates class, I couldn't wait until it was over, i found it sooooo boring. However, (years later) in 2013, I moved to Australia and I thought I would give it a second go; that's when I tried classical Pilates - I fell in love and that's where my Pilates-journey begun!

I moved back to Europe and finished a 600h Comprehensive Classical Education through The Pilates Standard.

I believe Pilates is an excellent work out for everybody. As it is or as a complimentary excersise. I have experience in mat and all apparatus: rehab - advanced level.

I'm excited to share my love for movement with you! I believe that once you feel the difference in your body you will happily bring Pilates with you the rest of your life.

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Steven Mazabow


As well as being an amazing yin yoga teachers, Steve is also a passionate musician and sound healer with specific focus on the ancient and ceremonial instruments – Didgeridoo and Yidaki. He has been teaching yin and holding workshops and events with

live ceremonial music since 2014.


Having travelled and explored the yoga path in it’s many different forms for over 15 year, Steve brings a multi-dimensional approach to each class and workshop, integrating the practices and arts of sound healing, meditation, mantra, kirtan and ancient Australian live ceremonial music.


Steve completed his Yin training with Mel McLaughlin and Bernie Clark and has also partaken in many other teacher trainings including, Meditation, Special Needs, Kirtan, Forrest Yoga and Sound Healing. Steve regularly holds events, workshops and retreats around Sydney with his wife and partner Vanessa.

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Gemma Davis


Gemma has been practising yoga for over 16 years, since she found Ashtanga as a 20 year old with Gregor Maehle. Yoga has been the consistent cloth that has weaved through different stages of her life, including motherhood, career highs and lows, 

injuries and grief.


Through everything life brings… yoga is her guide and her sacred practise. All 8 limbs of yoga. She has been blessed to study under numerous wonderful teachers including Pattabi Jois, Dena Wiseman and Clive Sheridan. Gemma loves the magic of both a strong Vinyasa class, and just as equally the gentle force of a deep Yin class.


Gemma also works as a Naturopath and understands that yoga provides an incredible path for transformation, for physical health, emotional clarity and inner peace… perhaps more so than any diet or herbs… this is why she teaches.

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Ivi Rivett


Ivy yoga classes facilitates the space for you to feel, connect and align.

Extrasensory gifts allow Ivy to channel and feel the vibrations and frequencies unseen to the naked eye in which she uses to create yoga classes tailored to your energy that you bring to class.

Ivy has over 25 years yoga and massage therapy experience. certified Level 2 Yoga  Instructor.

After completing a degree Honors  in dance many moons ago, she travelled the world and continued to collect knowledge of the body and movement experience. From training in several massage therapy techniques in Thailand and Canada, performing for Whistler Contemporary Dance for Trina Eby, snowboarding the amazing mountains of Whistler/Blackcombe and working as a massage therapist in Canada, to then settle back in Sydney to actively raise 3 beautiful children.  Always exploring holistic avenues, Ivy completed her teacher training in Wu Tao Dance with Michelle Locke, studied Movement, the Brain and Learning with Kinesiologist Brendan O’Hara and holds a Level 2 in Rhythmic Movement Training.

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