Our Instructors



Our instructors share their deep understanding and knowledge of these areas with a focus on personalising each student’s experience, leading students further along the path to the integration of body,mind and Acleads to understanding.

Thank you to My Asana for running a boutique yoga studio in our community.

They have brought in highly experienced teachers with accommodating timetables that has supported me with my on-going yoga practice. Yoga had changed my way of living and allowed me to grow alongside fellow yogis.



Eve White


At the age of 17 Eve completed her first Vipassana Meditation course in the blue mountains, this is where she discovered spirituality, peace and stillness. Eve completed her 275 hour Teacher Training Course June 2013 and is a qualified

international teacher for beginners to advanced, de-stress, back care and pregnancy.


She is also a qualified personal trainer.
Her love for yoga began 15 years ago at Dharma Shala where she first practised to bring balance to body, mind and soul. As an international dancer, yoga was the best tool for her to bring the body to strength and balance.


Eve is energetic and loves to help facilitate a sacred healing space. Watching her students leave with a yoga glow gives her a great sense of contentment.

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Suzy Wolanski


Suzy has been driven by the expression and exploration of movement in various forms since she was a little girl. Modern dance featured throughout most of her life, along with the study and practice of Tai Chi. Throughout the years Suzy studied various

styles of yoga as well, but it wasn’t until 2006 when she began training at the Sydney Yoga Space with two inspirational teachers: Peter Thomson and Sue Ellen Kohler that she felt like she was “home”. It was her first introduction to Iyengar Yoga, and she had been enthralled and stimulated ever since!


The intelligence of the Iyengar method of learning asana, the fact that its philosophy is not separated from the physical practice and the way that it serves as a foundation that deepens with practice, has always been a source of mystery and wonder to her. It continues to serve as an important touchstone for personal discovery, revealing the psychological and emotional benefits of the practice, the science and creativity of sequencing asanas and the observation of how it affects the deeper layers of our being.


As well as a dedicated commitment to the practice and teaching of yoga, Suzy is also a certified Dance / Movement specialist, focusing her work on the developing and transformational relationship between a mother and her baby. This passion has also led her to be a volunteer and board member of the not-for-profit organisation, ‘Mum for Mum’ since it began in 2009, offering emotional support and weekly mentoring for vulnerable mothers, for the first 12 months of the baby’s life.


Yoga informs all that she does, providing a framework by which to live a meaningful life.

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Angel Whitaker


Angel was introduced to Ashtanga in 1999 and moved into a dedicated daily practice as the seeds of Ashtanga began to take root. That lead her to her teachers to whom she is sincerely grateful – Guruji, His grandson param guru Sharath at KPJAYI, Eileen


Hall of Yogamoves Sydney and Dena Kingsberg from the Centre of Balance in Byron Bay.

While there are many others that have taught her much, these are her mentors and gurus who taught her how to teach, and what being a teacher means. She was authorised by Sharath to teach in 2010.


Angel teaches from a heartfelt place from her learnings on and off the mat, sharing her wisdom to all of her students.

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Catriona Byrne


Catriona has been a student of yoga for 20 years and has been teaching for 15. Her journey began in the Himalayas in 2001 when she met a yogi who she practiced with daily for weeks. This ignited a passion for this ancient practice which she has devoted

her life to ever since.


Formally qualified in 2005 with the Saraswati academy in India, Catriona has gone on to complete teacher trainings with Donna Farhi, Michael De Manicor – yoga therapy, Shiva Rea – prana vinyasa and continues to practice and be guided by her beloved teacher and yoga master Clive Sheridan based in Byron Bay. Her classes are balanced yet strong, challenging yet nurturing with an emphasis on the classical teachings of Hatha yoga.


She is passionate about facilitating space where people have an opportunity to tap into their own beauty and power. Catriona is also a mother, doula (birth support) and specialises in pre natal yoga. For more information on her services visitwww.catrionabyrne.com.au

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Dee Williams


Fitness and exercise has changed my life! I used to be a stressed out, sleep deprived executive corporate manager who worked long hours every week. Thankfully I found Pilates and everything changed, for the better.


I had found something that was fun and even though I wasn’t able to perfectly perform the poses at first I felt as if I had joined a group who were doing their best and having fun while reaping health benefits.


Over time I improved and my body started to respond to the stretches and strength that was needed. I was a convert and loved it! I hope that I will inspire others to realise their strength and flexibility, connect to their breath, learn to listen to their bodies, which can be transferred into to their everyday life. Come and have a go, you may be surprised at how much you can do and I bet you'll love it as much as I do!

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Steven Mazabow


As well as being an amazing yin yoga teachers, Steve is also a passionate musician and sound healer with specific focus on the ancient and ceremonial instruments – Didgeridoo and Yidaki. He has been teaching yin and holding workshops and events with

live ceremonial music since 2014.


Having travelled and explored the yoga path in it’s many different forms for over 15 year, Steve brings a multi-dimensional approach to each class and workshop, integrating the practices and arts of sound healing, meditation, mantra, kirtan and ancient Australian live ceremonial music.


Steve completed his Yin training with Mel McLaughlin and Bernie Clark and has also partaken in many other teacher trainings including, Meditation, Special Needs, Kirtan, Forrest Yoga and Sound Healing. Steve regularly holds events, workshops and retreats around Sydney with his wife and partner Vanessa.

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Gemma Davis


Gemma has been practising yoga for over 16 years, since she found Ashtanga as a 20 year old with Gregor Maehle. Yoga has been the consistent cloth that has weaved through different stages of her life, including motherhood, career highs and lows, 

injuries and grief.


Through everything life brings… yoga is her guide and her sacred practise. All 8 limbs of yoga. She has been blessed to study under numerous wonderful teachers including Pattabi Jois, Dena Wiseman and Clive Sheridan. Gemma loves the magic of both a strong Vinyasa class, and just as equally the gentle force of a deep Yin class.


Gemma also works as a Naturopath and understands that yoga provides an incredible path for transformation, for physical health, emotional clarity and inner peace… perhaps more so than any diet or herbs… this is why she teaches.

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Jess Buchanan


Jess discovered yoga over 20 years ago in London and was hooked from the first class. Since then, she’s found nothing that comes close to bringing that sense of peace, enjoyable physical challenge and mental clarity, the gifts yoga has to share with



She aims to bring a balance of all these elements to each class through playful sequencing, pranayama and meditation. Music is a big part of Jess’s life and is an aspect she enjoys joining with her yoga practice, crafting soundtracks to soothe and motivate in the flow.


Jess is a level 2, 500 hour qualified teacher having studied various disciplines between London and Sydney, including Ki Yoga and Iyengar, as well as studying pre and post natal and kids yoga too.


She completed her teacher training in Sydney under Amanda Fuzes and enjoys bringing all her influences and insights into her dynamic Hatha Vinyasa flow classes. She enjoys continuing to learn on her yoga journey.

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Laya Smukler

Rache Moore


Rache weaves teachings from the elements throughout her practice and is a qualified teachers of Five Element Form and Anahata Yoga. Rache has been sharing her yoga, dance and well being workshops for almost a decade, travelling around

Australia and internationally to perform at festivals and bring people together in a fun and engaging manner.

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