My Asana proudly supports The Angel Network Australia Charity

My Asana is proud to support The Angel Network Australia (TANA), a charity established and run by a group of South African women now living in Australia. The Angel Network provides gateway donations and offers assistance to established welfare organisations helping people in need all over the world.


Recently the Angel Network have opened Hannah and Ben’s Kitchen in the township of Langa, Cape Town. This soup kitchen has been opened in honour of two beautiful children and siblings, Hannah and Ben, who passed away suddenly and are missed dearly by their family. The hope is, in their memory, this kitchen will bring joy and comfort to the many underprivileged children in the township.

My Asana is proud to sponsor and support Hannah and Ben’s Kitchen and will be regularly hosting fundraising events, like our My Asana Movie Night, and donating directly to this life-changing initiative.


Currently, the Angel Network are collecting donations for 400 school children who are about to start their school year in Langa. Donations will go directly to support specific supplies needed for the new school year, for example:


    • Shoes $22
    • Stationary $2.50
    • Backpack $3.70
    • Pack of 2 school shirts $10


DONATE HERE. Thank you!


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