My Asana Goes LIVE

My Asana will start the live yoga class with Angel tomorrow morning, Friday 27 March, 9:30am on our Instagram channel: @myansanalive. Book Now!  

My Asana is proud to announce that we will be commencing live streams of our regular classes on Instagram. Each session will run for a whole week, allowing yogis to join live streams of their usual favourite classes every day. 

Teachers will guide you through your sessions just like a normal class, the only difference is you can do it all from the comfort of your own home. Another benefit for these online classes is that even if you miss your usual class, you can view it on Instagram for 12 hours.  You will also be able to comment and ask questions to the teachers, 5 minutes before the class begins and 5 minutes after the session. 

How will this work?
1.Simply click here purchase a 1-week MyAsana Live class for $50.
You can purchase up to 4 passes (equaling 4 weeks). This will allow you unlimited access to classes for a week – just check our schedule on our website. 

2. Once you have purchased your 1-week membership, kindly request to follow us on @myasnanalive. Email us your Instagram username so that we can accept your request. 

3. Enjoy your unlimited access to our classes!

Please email us for any inquiries.
As always, stay safe 

Children’s yoga helps instil good habits, and creates more mindful children. Will include physical practice, stories and games.
No yoga experience required, only a willingness to have fun.

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