Moon Days

May 26th & June 10th

Thursday 10th June  New Moon 6:00 – 7:00pm

In the Ashtanga Yoga tradition, we take rest from Asana practice on moon days (full moon and new moon). We are highly influenced by the moon, and injury is more likely on moon days. On full moons we tend to feel more energetic, distracted, emotional, and groundless; on new moons more heavy, emotionally weighed down and lethargic. Moon days are a powerful time for inward practices.

Join Ellie on Moon Days for a nourishing and restorative practice of Breath-work and Yoga Nidra to ground yourself and return to a state of calm and peace.

More Information on the Class:
The Breathwork will be a guided seated practice that will settle your nervous system, bring you to a peaceful and calm state, and help you to find clarity and insight.

This will be followed by Yoga Nidra, a form of guided meditation in which you will be lying down. Yoga Nidra leads to complete physical, mental and emotional relaxation. Over time, this powerful practice, which takes the practitioner to the threshold state between sleep and wakefulness, has the potential to:
– improve the functioning of the nervous system
– improve the functioning of the endocrine system 
– decrease stress and anxiety
– improve memory
– Enhance creativity
– Reduce insomnia + enhances quality of sleep
– Assist in breaking habitual patterns

Wear comfortable clothing including something warm / a blanket for Yoga Nidra. BYO cushion for seated practice.

Suitable for all levels | 0412902998