Kids Classes

Kids Classes


Course start dates follow the school terms. Contact us for more information


Kids yoga
Our kids classes are for children aged 3-7 years. Children will learn the principles of yoga in a fun and dynamic way. The course also assists in developing strength, flexibility and coordination. It can improve children’s focus, self awareness and build self esteem. And in this busy world our children live, they will learn ways to relax through breath and movement, and also build their social and communications skills.


Teen girls yoga
The teenage years are possibly the most challenging for young girls – surging hormones, sexuality, school stresses, peer pressure – just a few of the daily challenges they face. Not to mention the effects on their posture as they spend many hours hunched over their computers, phones, desks and lounging in front of the TV.  These classes will explore how practicing yoga helps strengthen and tone muscles and bones to support posture, while simultaneously working with breath and mindfulness to relieve stress and anxiety. Each class will be a safe place to explore and express thoughts and emotions through mindful yoga practices and meditation.


Teen boys yoga
Teenage boys put their bodies under an enormous amount of stress and pressure – playground tussles, sports fields, studying over their desk, and even just slouching in front of their ipads and the TV. A regular yoga practice offers benefits in many aspects of their day to day lives, including strength, flexibility, calming, concentration and relaxation.


Tweens yoga
Our fun-filled class are designed to introduce tweens to the principles and practice of yoga, breath work, mindfulness and meditation. We tune inward and connect with ourselves, we tune-in with our friends and connect as community. We build on strength, flexibility, co-ordination, concentration and confidence.


Cooinda – Happy place
Exploring Aboriginal history and culture with dreamtime stories, art and symbols. Each week we will create something through, art be it dance, painting , making bush tucker tea, stone carving, poetry, song creating our own story through these ancient art forms.We will always finish our experience with a guided Dadirri — a form of Indigenous meditation known as deep listening or deep contemplation.