Dharma Talk: Yoga Nidra

Dharma talk with Lis: What Is Yoga Nidra?
Saturday 21 March, 3pm – 5pm
Cost: $50 ($60 at the Door)

What Is Yoga Nidra?

Yoga nidra, or yogic sleep as it is commonly known, is an immensely powerful meditation practice. It is easy to do, as the practitioner rests comfortably lying down, in savasana. It is a guided experience, that systematically draws your attention into deeper levels of awareness, leaving you with a sense of ease and bliss. 

As well as providing much needed relaxation, YN is a comprehensive map for self-discovery. There are 5 levels in YN called the pancha maya kosha. Each kosha is a gateway into realizing your truth and what blocks it. This awareness supports greater integration in our life, love and relationships. 

Some other benefits include:

1. YOGA NIDRA is accessible 

As you lie down, supported in savasana, all you have to do is follow the voice that is guiding you. It’s likely that you will remember certain parts, fall asleep, feel dreamy. Over time, the aim is to learn how to feel at ease, be conscious, yet untethered to the mind or body. 

2. Yoga Nidra is a superior form of relaxation 

Most of us in the modern world struggle with being present and at ease, culturally we are wired to do.

YN directly affects the sensory Nervous system and it’s connections to the cerebral cortex. By disengaging from stimulus, it helps to rest the body and critical voice within leaving only awareness and sounds. it’s helpful to reduce stress and establish a connection to calm within.

3. Open to your intuition

It’s hard to break the habit of operating on autopilot without learning to transcend. YN is a transcending practice that allows you to contact the subconscious and unconscious realms, creating a pathway to fertile layers of mind that can bring about positive change, impacting our character, actions and intuition. 

4. Emotional well-being and intimacy 

Some people crave the profound relaxation that this practice instills, while other people appreciate the non-judgmental and secure atmosphere that yoga nidra provides as a window into themselves. 

Yoga nidra offers a space to listen and explore what you need in the moment. there is time to be and process the stress and emotional baggage from the day. Sometimes long-held negative impressions called ‘samskaras’ can arise. The centering quality of the practice is conducive to self understand, release and overtime greater freedom from emotional reactivity.

5. A recipe for extraordinary living 

One of the primary aims of yoga, is to connect to the real Self, a state of true peace called “Samadhi” This peace is inherent in all of us, it’s not deluded by the past or conditioning. Practicing YN is one of the most effective ways to access this, therefore it’s considered a recipe for extraordinary living, it’s one of the gems of Yogic practice.

Lis Cancio is elated to be offering a deep dive into the practice and principles of Yoga Nidra. She will be hosting a 2-hour workshop which will explore the kosha journey and step by step techniques to effectively practice at home. There will be a 1hr practice, discussion and Q&A.

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