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11 July 2019

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Cooinda – Happy Place

Cooinda – Happy Place

An Aboriginal dance and art class.

We’ll begin with a traditional sweeping ceremony, – an ancient custom among Indigenous Australians, which has cleansing properties and the ability to ward off bad spirits. Each guest will be given one gum leaf to create an intention (placing it in a Coolamon otherwise known as a big bowl) and the opportunity to have some traditional markings painted on their face with Ochre.

We will always connect through movement with an aboriginal inspired yoga to open up the body and connect into the space.

We will then explore Aboriginal history and culture with dreamtime stories, art and symbols. Each week we will create something through, art be it dance, painting , making bush tucker tea, stone carving, poetry, song creating our own story through these ancient art forms.We will always finish our experience with a guided Dadirri – a form of Indigenous meditation known as deep listening or deep contemplation.