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11 July 2019

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Celebrating Seasons of Change

Celebrating Seasons of Change

Join us as we celebrate the seasons of change.
Our very own Eve will be collaborating with dear friend, mentor and beautiful earth mother Brenda Boeder, to create a sacred movement practice to celebrate the season and for Eve another year around the sun.
The practice will incorporate a tradtional opening ceremony, dynamic yoga practice, infused with qigong and culminating in balancing yin sequence to harmonise with the season of autumn. We will work to tonify the metal element helping to release excess from the lungs and large intestines. This is the season to strip back and let go. As we consciously dissolve the habits and activities that no longer serve us we can redirect the energy back to our potential. Feeling liberated the body, returning to a state of grace. .

Brenda and Eve have been studying and practicing yoga collectively for over 40 years. They both received their advanced qiyoga accreditation together in 2013 after 4 years of study and have continued to explore the traditions of Yoga and Qigong. It was through their practice(sadhana) that they witnessed the powerful tools for healing and vitality take root in their lives. Together they have co-created movement workshops for people of all ages, and sacred gatherings throughout the Sydney area. The embodiment of the practice fueled and inspired their deep bond in friendship. They both share the purpose of gifting others with the knowledge embedded in the natural world and practical tools to help navigate life’s seasons. Brenda now lives in Northern NSW where she has a private yoga studio,