Asnat Meretz

The vision was to open a yoga studio that creates a beautiful, tranquil space for the community; by bringing together a holistic approach to the inter-relationship of mind, body and spirit into our daily life, both for the individual and for the whole family.


My background in special education and teaching children with learning disabilities allows me to bring a unique perspective to our studio as a yoga teacher for both adults and children.


My experience spans a wide spectrum of educational modalities, with many years of experience around the world working in multinational environments from Hong Kong to China and Israel. My knowledge was deepened during these years and became more and more integrated with my educational world. This then led to a clearer understanding of how my teacher training and the modalities of Yoga and Pilates can co-exist.

My involvement with the world of Yoga and Pilates combined with my experience as a special education teacher, brings to the studio a unique and holistic approach, to our offering for the community.


Our philosophy is underpinned by a simple and inclusive boutique style, using a combination of 3 key precepts:


Practice the body.
Practice the mind.
Practice the soul.


During this journey you will explore the yoga practice through these three aspects to experience deeper meaning as individuals and involvement in our community.


Yoga for me is another opportunity to embrace childhood – to explore, fall down, create, and open my eyes to self-discovery and new wonders. My background in teaching children with learning disabilities allows me to bring a unique perspective to our studio.


I have lived and taught in many diverse international environments – from Hong Kong to China to Israel and beyond. As my knowledge of yoga and pilates deepened, I integrated it with my experiences as a special education teacher.


Like yoga, art is another way I am able to bring a deeper awareness to my own emotional state, giving me the freedom to create without limitations. I love the interrelationship of yoga and art, informing my every day life.


The practice of Pilates gives individuals inner body strength and integrates with our unique approach to build a strong body, soul and knowledge base.


The integration of these tools helps individuals to be a more engaged and effective community member, involved and eager, with a higher sense of self and self-esteem. This allows the individual to flourish and build towards greater success in the ongoing evolution to become a more evolved and mindful human being.



My Affair with Art and Art Expression


Art is another way to bring awareness to one’s emotional state. The freedom to create without limitations is unique and not always a given in our society. Through art, the act of creativity and self-expression feeds the ability for me bring more flexibility to my thinking and to myself.