Embody and Adorn Workshop – Sattva Breathwork & Sacred Jewellery

Date: Novermber 1,2020.

Time: 3- 4:30pm



Open the doorway to inner health and outer radiance!

Join us for a transformative breath practice that will invoke dynamism and stillness through ancient, Himalayan breath techniques. Detoxify and gently energise by unblocking stuck energy and inviting fresh life-force in!

Then explore the power of gemstones and sacred symbols. Share wisdom about natural energy that precious gems emit and how wearing them helps to magnify positive qualities that we wish to highlight in our lives. Discover the uplifting effects of the Sri Yantra symbol to invoke a state of abundance, creativity and expansion!

Suitability: All ages; all stages

Your facilitator:

Tanya Eve is part of a passionate family of Breathwork and Yoga instructors. She qualified at The Sattva Yoga Academy in Rishikesh, at the foothills of The Himalayas, with her guru Anand Mehrortra.

Her fascination with yog-vedantic wisdom and sacred geometry has lead her to expand into a small enterprise of handmade conscious lifestyle jewellery called The Sattva Collection Au

She is in deep gratitude for the healing power of these techniques and loves sharing the benefits with the wider community!

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